What is City Briefs?

You may have been wondering exactly what a City Brief is. The section is designed to be a community bulletin board. City Briefs is dedicated to announcements, events, and more. This is paid content that appears in the news section of the paper and is designed to be a more affordable option in comparison to a Classified ad.

How do I place a City Brief?

We have two separate ways that City Briefs can be placed. You can email citybriefs@forumcomm.com or you can log onto http://citybriefs.forumcomm.com. and find a step-buy step tutorial on how to place your City Brief

What are the associated costs?

Cost varies from ad to ad. The final cost outcome is dependent upon which package option and additional add on items that you choose. For Fargo pricing information click here. For Duluth pricing information click here. West Fargo pricing can be found here.

Where is this section located/where can I find my City Brief online?

City Briefs appear in the local news section of your newspaper. They can be located on that publications website on the Classifieds page. There is a City Briefs subsection located on the Classifieds page where you can view current postings.

How many words/characters fit on a line?

There is no set word/character amount that fits on a line. It is largely dependent on factors such as bold words, all caps, italics, etc.

What happened to free event advertising/where have the event calendars gone?

Events can still be added to a publications online calendar. Simply visit the website, locate the calendar and click “Add event.” The Daily Planners and Community Calendar options have all been replaced by the City Briefs section.

What are my other options/how can I get an article written?

The newspaper still has the option to publish information about an event or announcement. It is not guaranteed that the information will get published, however, you are still able to send information to the newsroom. City Briefs is a separate entity from the newsroom and we do not make editorial decisions on what information gets published or turned into a story. Placing a City Brief is a great way to ensure that your information will get published regardless of space.

When placing in the Duluth area, do I have to place in all of the publications?

Yes. City Briefs for the Duluth area get published in the Duluth News Tribune, the Duluth Budgeteer, the Lake County News Chronicle, the Superior Telegram, the Cloquet Pine Journal and all of their respective websites.

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